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Jack Alderman was the longest serving prisoner on Death Row in the USA. For nearly 34 years Jack Alderman sought justice. His final appeal was denied in November 2006. He was only hours from execution on October 18th 2007 when he received a temporary stay while the US Supreme Court considered the constitutionality of lethal injection. However it was sanctioned on April 16th 2008, despite overwhelming evidence that it may cause excruciating pain. London artist, Simone Sandelson fought to a last minute for a reprieve for the man who has inspired her paintings.

Jack Alderman was executed by lethal injection at 7:15 pm est on 
Tuesday 16th September. He died in 14 minutes with a smile on his face.

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Because the investigations and the autopsy were so totally inadequate, the State’s case relied solely on the testimony of John Brown. The credibility of the characters of Jack Alderman and John Arthur Brown therefore play a crucial role. The following testimonies show that the contrast between the two men could hardly be greater.
Jack Alderman had no history of violence; all the character witnesses in the trial described him as even-tempered and mild-mannered. There was absolutely no evidence that there was any violence between him and Barbara and no reason that he would want her killed; they were looking to adopt a baby from the Bethesda Orphanage at the time.

There are many people who had known Jack throughout his life who can speak of his intelligence, profound quest for knowledge, maturity, genuine spirituality, level headedness and integrity. Those who knew him do not believe he had any part in killing his wife. Several people quoted below know Jack extremely well and were willing to share their insights into Jack’s character.

John Brown remarried and resumed his former lifestyle after his release from prison. His episodes of uncontrollable anger and rage persisted, he beat his wife, stole from her, leaving her in debt. He also sexually abused his wife’s underage daughter, who ultimately reported him. Despite a murder conviction which prohibited him from owning firearms, he kept a variety of guns. In February 2000, his house was surrounded by a team of NY State troopers intending to arrest him for child molestation and illegal possession of firearms. The troopers found him dead. He had killed himself by shooting himself in the head with an AK47.

The State’s leniency towards John Arthur Brown epitomises the hypocrisy and injustice that exists in the prosecution of Jack Alderman. Ultimately the State rewarded John Brown by freeing him from prison, without exoneration, unprecedented in the history of the Georgia judicial system. Meanwhile they ceaselessly pursued the execution of Jack Alderman.

August Siemon, specialist Capital Defense attorney, Atlanta, made a statement that is extremely pertinent to this case: 'In no state in the union is the uncorroborated testimony of a co-defendant sufficient to put a person on trial and to convict him. The law recognizes that the risk of a guilty person trying to save his skin through malicious allegation is simply too great'.

Jack Alderman was just hours from execution on October 19th 2007 and received a temporary stay while the US Supreme Court reaches a decision on the Constitutionality of lethal injection. The stay has now been removed (April 16th, 2008). Jack Alderman was executed by lethal injection on 16th September, 2008.

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